Google Chrome Crashes

Google Chrome is not opening perfectly.

I installed google chrome from software store. After singing in with and syncing my settings chrome not launching properly.

When you installed from Software store, what package format did you install? You can check using the Sources button or scrolling to the bottom of the chrome page in Software store.

Although I think Chrome is available as a Flatpak in the software store, I think the better solution is the Debian package available by Google directly. If you want to try that, the link is below. Make sure to delete the Flatpak version or Snap version first so you don't get confused with which version you are using.

I already did that
Still same

The only other thing I can recommend is try using X-11 desktop instead of Wayland. I have not had issues on Wayland nor X-11 with ZOS 17 so that is the only other suggestion I can offer. Maybe someone else knows something that is affecting Chrome. I have been experimenting with Fedora 39 KDE last few days and I have had the same issue randomly happen and then it goes away. I have tried X-11 and Wayland (by default on Fedora) and it works fine one day and then I boot in another day and it does not work. Maybe it's some conflict with dependencies and updates that Fedora gets all the time. I don't know what is causing it. Another reason why Zorin is so much better than other distributions - things just work. But you are having a problem and I don't have an answer to it. I hope someone else can help you out.