Google Chrome home screen

Hi, using Zorin Lite

After some Google Chrome updates my personal background pic on the google home screen where I have some shortcuts to sites disappeared.
It's gray background.
I'm using GTK theme to have the dark mode like on head bar and menus.

Any way to solve this?

They changed the way the custom tab displays, in the latest update. Just do it again using the "Customize Chrome" button. Mine reset, too.

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I did that.

The only way to have a custom background is to have the classic chrome theme.
If I have GTK and try to upload an image it switches to classic in the chrome appearance settings which in turn switches title bar buttons.

With GTK theme (can not upload custom background image):


If I try "Customize Chrome":

If I upload picture it changes to classic not GTK:

The top right buttons change to classic.

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How did you install the browser?

Just look in software it's already there?

I installed via terminal adding google chrome ppa and so on.

This also happens in my Manjaro xfce installation the exact same thing.

It's s google update thing for sure.
Because before update it was working fine on both systems.

Not sure what you mean...:thinking:

I had to try to replicate this. Since my home search is set to Ecosia and not Google, I lack a "Customize Chrome" button at the bottom right by default.

This definitely is a Google-Chrome Issue, though. Testing it the same way as you shows the same problem.
And I deeply dislike that you have to link to Google in order to access the feature.
I encourage you to report this bug to the Chrome Devs, as they already sorely desire to restrict GTK options, anyway. The Browser Developers all want full control over the appearance of the browser as they perceive it as their brand image.
So your report can benefit everyone by existing as pressure on the devs to not restrict user controls.

And it could be a simple and honest mistake, anyway.

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