Google voice, sms messaging

Hello there. Is there any app that works on Zorin that would allow me to chat with my google voice friends? These are the last few holdouts that won't install telegram. So I would like to chat with them on the PC, rather then the tablet.


Google has a long standing strategy of directing to Web Based apps.
There is a Google Voice Chrome Browser extension still out there...

Good Day my friend.. Yeah, if I wanted to use a browser I would just log into google voice.. Figured there might be something out there that the linux community put together like ZorinChat.. :slight_smile: lol

There have been, but

Google Code was shut down...

I could be wrong. But I suspect that most have been abandoned or will be before long.

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Well just doing a simple google search this is what I get from Google itself. It was literally at the top of the 1st page... Not sure if it will work as I don't use Google services like this.

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