Got this message on flatpak update command. Has Zorin Os Anything to do with it?


No, this is strictly a Flatpak issue. What this message means is that one of the programs you have installed is using an outdated platform. You can continue to use it or check if the developer of that particular program has released a newer version with the most current version of the runtime.

In this context, the "runtime" means shared libraries used by Flatpak packages. You can have multiple runtimes installed, and it's usually handled automatically i.e.: different required runtimes are installed (or rather you are informed that you need to install them) when you attempt to add a new program that needs it.

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Ok understood. Thank you.


Thanks. Got it

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I kept getting some errors on some flatpaks - would install, remove, install, and on and on.. I could keep running update and Y to remove / install infinitely lol kind of annoying..

What I ended up doing was reinstall Zorin.. not the best option but, couldn't figure out what was going on!! I have my old installer still so I just used that, updated to 16.3 and used the updated everything that it asked me to update or keep existing :person_shrugging: 'Twas a weird one.. But, now no more issues or install / remove loops on anything and everything's up to date...

Break Timer was giving me some unsupported / EOL statuses so I removed it too. Don't use it anyway.. haha

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