GParted Partitioner

I'am sorry but is there any other program other than GParted that will work in Zorin Pro .... if so what is it .... all I want to do is reformat some thumb drives and GParted seems to be making it rather difficult .... at least for me .... thanks



Well that was simple enough ... thank you

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In life you shall find............

(1) Some things are quite simple

(2) While some things, are incredibly difficult.

(CONCLUSION) Sometimes all you can do is just......Be



To be or not to be ... that is the question ???? ... LOL

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What I was doing is changing my drive from NTFS to FAT 32 ... seems my Not-so-Smart TV has decided that it will no longer except my thumb drives so I thought I would try one in FAT 32 ... who knows ....

The "Shadow Knows .....What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men" from my old radio listening days before TV was invented ... LOL


When I was a kid, I had the entire Shadow's run on Cassette tape.
The show aired long, long before I was born...


I tell you who will know, The Silver Shroud!

No evil doers will be allowed in the city streets, the Silver Shroud puts fear in the hearts of evil men, because he will always find them, and stop them.

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Ha Ha Ha .... sadly .... or maybe not I can remember the family sitting around the radio at night listening to Amos & Andy ... lil' Orphan Annie .... The Shadow .... Groucho Marx ... Jack Benny .... the Lone Ranger .... just for a few .... my memory ain't that good ....

The first TV we had was a box about 3ft wide by 3ft high with a 12in screen ... it only came on at 5:00 pm and went off at 8:00pm ... and no color

Yup those were the days and I kinda miss them as we lived in a more gentler time as it was right at the end of WW II

OK enough of the reminiscing about the good ol' days it's time for my nap ... LOL

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Now she was the best! When you listen to her, your real life just fades away, you totally get into the story, but its more interactive then simply reading a book. Then later she was on TV and in that famous movie that was similuar to Oliver Twist. Loved the movie.

My mom loved her too, my mom was the one who got me into lil orphan annie. I agree, when it comes to some things, the old days were better. And when it comes to TV programming, that is most certainly true. I hate the so-called reality TV shows that are on TV today, I REFUSE to watch them!

I watched classics like I Love Lucy, Dick-Van-D1ke, All In The Family, Mary Tyler Moore, The Odd Couple. Heck, I even watched that elderly show in the 80's called The Golden Girls. Thinking back on I Love Lucy, I can never forget the vat of grapes episode.

Oh my gosh, I never laughed so hard in my life! They knew how to write comedy back then. Don't forget her commercial Lucy was in the same show. Veta Vita Mengamin, Lucy gets so drunk actually drinking the so-called medicine, she can't say the words no more.


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Considering that I am a classic car mech, that also deals in antique and vintage tools... You can imagine I have opinions on this.:stuck_out_tongue:
The days of O'keefe and Merritt.

It is an interesting thing. The days were not better for many back then. Genderism and racism were far more prevalent. Medical care was nowhere near what it is today.
We had Higher Quality products and Pride in Craftsmanship...
It is as if we traded one for the other. While we have a long way to go yet, genderism and racism have improved, while quality declined.


Seeing messages like this makes me feel younger. hahahahahahahha


Funny, I was thinking that reading Frogs post, considering he is nearly twice my age...

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Even if you are older then I think you are, your avatar is a perfect one, it suggests that your a fun dude, and at least younger on the inside then maybe on the outside. I am the same way, we all have our interests.

We may start our lives with blocks, and then GI-Joes, but we just use bigger toys now, like computers lol. I have been having a bad time these days, but you and Frog are what got me speaking again.

I almost left the site. But, I took a break, watched a movie, came back, saw Frogs post and yours. And I was like, easy fix with Disks! And Rui, keep it up buddy.

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That's the ticket ... sometimes we just need to step back and smell the roses .... and not care what others may say or think of us ... we are all individuals and have our own talents and gifts to give to mankind and to this board ... with me it is keeping you guys on your toes fixing all the crazy things I get into ... LOL

Never ever let someone else put you down as people can sometimes have the "crab mentality" .... if you put a bunch of crabs in a bucket they will climb all over each other and pull the ones above them down to try and get out of the bucket themselves ....

Anyway we all get flustered at times and kick ourselves in the butt but all that does it gives us a sore butt ... Frog's philosophy 101 .... LOL


For @StarTreker, it is more like smell popcorns :popcorn: I think...

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Worry not my friends, StarTreker has got your covered!

In the deep dark void of endless expanse, as long as I have thy popcorn, everything will be ok.
StarTreker 2021

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