Gpt or mbr

Hello, I'm creating my first bootable pendrive through rufus I wanna know if my laptop is in GPT style and pen drive in mbr style then do I have to convert the pendrive from mbr to gpt

Easy answer is, are you no longer going to use Windows? If the answer is no, format the drive GPT, EXT4 partition. Check downloaded ISO file for integrity via the SHA256 checksum HASH. Burn the ISO to the pendrive. Disable SECURE BOOT and FAST BOOT in the BIOS. Boot off of pendrive, install Zorin OS.


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hello I did what you just said and now it's showing zorin os on screen and now it's stuck on it? How much longer i have to wait?

A few seconds normally

Be aware, the OP in another thread talks about Z15.3 Lite and Dual Boot with Windows.

@Praveen is that still the case, as will affect advice given here?

I realize how slow my laptop is lol it took 10m. Fast boot was disable is that the reason?

I would like to have a advice about this since I ran into problem which is related to partition.
But still even that it's not directly related or not but worth knowing about this. So please tell lol

We need to know a bit more about your machine ? SSD or HDD ?

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It's hdd.....

Mechanical hard drives, coined HDD's these days, are always slow, and always will be slow, this is the nature of them. And if the hard drives are loaded with bad sectors, they will be slower still. So lets hope the condition of your hard drive is in good shape.

There is this great software (from Japan) for a disk integrity checking.

This software helped me a lot when I was a Windows user.

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I remember that software quite fondly. :+1:

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Sadly not for linux users :frowning:

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I wish there is something like this for Linux...
I found SMART in Disks is not that reliable :frowning:

Totally not indeed. I bought a Samsung 980 1TB NVME this year and everytime i am in the bios and close the bios the nvme card is registering this as "power failure". I think i have over 15 failed power failures registered (because i tested linux and changed some settings) I have a laptop how can i lose power when i am using the battery + cable haha.

I reported this issue to samsung but they don't do anything to it to fix it with a firmware. So since then i don't look at any smart tools anymore, i dont care.

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SMART Data check in DISKS is the only way that I know of to check disks in Linux. And because the Linux filing system handles things different then Windows, you don't get file fragmentation, so you don't have to worry about defragging.

But if SMART picks up a bunch of bad sectors on your drive, there is no magical solution to fix that. The drive will automatically bypass the bad sectors, but eventually the drive will die.

So thats why its recommended if you notice your drive has bad sectors, back up all your data, and then get a new drive. But Michel you are right, you obviously had no actual power failures.


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