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GPU not registering

now i restart> go into bios settings> turn off safeboot> boot again?

Yes. Did you remember to save it the changes? When the motherboard splash appears hit [esc] or [tab] like a machinegun.

whats the motherboard splash? like the zorin symbol underneath my company symbol?

When the brand of you motherboard appears (mine is Asus) and it says press [F8] for boot options etc.

oh for me it is just plain omen symbol it doesnt say anything else but i will try i will keep in contact on my phone forum website

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what now

Did you run

sudo update-grub

I'm not sure, something went wrong, it should take you to kernel option screen instead.
i'm no expert on grub field. Try reboot and push the other button [esc] instead of [tab] or vice versa.

i did

should i make a fresh install?

While waiting for @Aravisian , let's try something else.

Lets try with a newer kernel and see if it works;

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tuxinvader/lts-mainline -y
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

First try with kernel 5.15

sudo apt-get install linux-generic-5.15

or the latest

sudo apt-get install linux-generic-5.16

I think the outcome would be the same, but go ahead. It doesn't take long.

if its the same then i wont rn

done now what?

Try reboot. It should pick up as default kernel.

okie i amma wait a bit for the windows iso to complete downloading as well so as a worst case scenario i can install windows after a full format

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We have boot without secure boot! whoooo
now nvidia drivers how do i fix dis

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one last thing should i run the software updater or no?

Run the updater or

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

which does the exactly the same thing.
If it breaks again (and I don't think it will as you're now using a newer kernel than the regular one), we'll take it from there.

Please mark the post that have the solution for you.

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Just curious - how did you manage that? You’d mentioned you were only getting a white screen before.