GPU usage info for AMD Radeon R4 Graphics gpu

I've been looking into ways to check it, so far with no success. The gpu itself clearly works because Minecraft (a game that mostly relies on the gpu) does run slightly better than on windows, and neofetch displays it correctly, as shown on the image:

it gets detected and works

I've tried psensor, but it only displays the temperature of the gpu and not the usage (it does show the usage of the cpu, but the pre-installed system monitor already does that anyway).

I also tried with nvtop, since I read somewhere that it may also work with AMD GPUs, but it gives an error saying it couldn't find a nvidia driver, and the website doesn't show any image or sign of having tested it with AMD hardware, which leads me to assume that is not an option either.

Back when I started on linux some months ago, I used linux mint, and one of the widgets I had on the desktop displayed cpu usage, ram usage and things like that with no problem, but on the gpu usage it would just say "N/A" or something like that, so this doesn't seem like a zorin-only problem, so I also tried with the propietary amd drivers. Tried to do the amdgpu-install command after downloading the proper packages, and then it gives error and displays a few missing dependencies, which I try to install and also get an error from those

amdgpu-install missing dependencies

At this point, I've ran out of ideas and can't seem to find any other choice of words for online searches, does anyone have suggestions for more alternatives to see the GPU usage of an AMD GPU?

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sudo apt --fix-broken install

I do not have a Radeon card for testing this, but you might try the CLI app RadeonTop which adds AMD GPU to the 'htop' process

sudo apt install radeontop

After installing, run in terminal with


and tap the enter key.

There used to be this, but has been abandoned.

This really is one of my chief complaints with AMD. AMD donates in support of Linux and I believe is even a stakeholder within Linux. On the surface, AMD says they support Linux.
Underneath the surface, AMD behaves in unsupportive ways. They will only release generic drivers, keeping Proprietary drivers and code quietly to themselves.
Many in Linux seem to hesitate to comment on this, perhaps out of fear of ruffling AMD's feathers since AMD donates to Linux.


radeontop seems to be working fine and doing what I needed, thank you!

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