Graphic Desktop not showing at local but can rdp to system

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I have an issue I can't figure out. The problem is worse because There is an admin password set on the bios and I can't remember what it is..
I have an older MSI gs20 steelseries laptop. Zorin 16 pro runs like a scalded UFO on this machine. it has an Nvidia graphics card on the MB. Now my issue: I turned it on recently and it stops short of booting up the graphical desktop and is stuck showing the boot messages. However, I can RDP to it using the XRDP server on it. I'm sending this request on it.. Since I cannot boot to the install USB drive because I don't know the bios password, How in the heck can I fix it? is there a way to run the systemtools from a remote log in via terminal. Or, can I put the thumb drive in it and run it from there via rdp? Help!

By booting into the recovery mode I was able to fix whatever it was. I used the advanced menu and cleaned everything up.
It is now working properly again.

Can you relay the boot messages - any errors?
You should be able to boot into Recovery Mode in order to affect software repairs on the system, without need of Remote connecting.

You can access with RDP since you are accessing the data on the drive, without booting up the system.

For BIOS Password - You may be able to reset it by removing the CMOS Battery and Clearing out CMOS.

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Thanks for the reply. I will boot in recovery and try that.

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Hello @martindtm, related to the lost / forgotten BIOS pw the following read I cam across might be worth a try:

Hope you find a solution for your questions

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Thanks for the info.. I remembered my bios password and was able to boot from the install usb.

I remembered my bios password finally. After booting from the USB install drive I ran the Boot Repair in the System Tools menu. This did not fix my issue. When I rebooted it came up in the same state as before. What I am seeing is the loader messages. all messages are labeled as "OK" (No Errors). the message it has stopped on is "Started xrdp deamon". That is where it sits. It is like the system is set up to run headless or something.

From the recovery menu, enable networking.
Once enabled, back to the recovery menu, arrow key down to drop to prompt.
In the prompt, run

sudo apt install --reinstall xorgxrdp xserver-xorg-core xrdp

Once completed, attempt a proceed to normal boot to test...

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