Graphic Problems after Installation with Nvidia driver

so it tried to dual boot Zorin-OS in the last few days, however it always had problems with the graphics.
My setup is a Dell Inspiron with an i7-11800H, an NVIDIA Gforce 3060 (Laptop GPU) and 16 GB Ram.
I made some room on my SSD and then started to install Zorin with the Nvidia drivers. While it was installing, I already had graphical glitches all over my laptop screen. Here is a Video of that:
After it then was installed, it was kinda working. I was able to use the desktop and stuff like that, however after a few minutes my laptop — and only my Laptop Screen — would suddenly start to flash and then break entirely. With break entirely, I mean that I couldn't move anything on the screen, and it was also stuck on the current image it was displaying. Sometimes this would be the normal desktop background, however sometimes it was also just random Pixel Noise.
Sadly, I don't have any Video of that happening.

This issue however wasn't present on any of my other screens I had connected to my laptop using a thunderbolt dock, BTW. I should also mention that the thunderbolt dock probably didn't cause any of these issues, since they happened regardless of if I was connected with any external monitors or even the dock at all. My screen also became unusable while using in on my couch.

When this issue did occur, I could always just disable my laptop monitor and enable it again to use it for a few seconds, until it happened again.

One last thing, I should probably also mention, is that this whole issue also didn't occur when disabling the NVIDIA driver and just using the internal graphics driver of my CPU.

Maybe someone knows what is causing this issue and can tell me how to fix it. I would really appreciate any help! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You might want to switch to the open source Nouveau driver of Nvidia 495 driver.

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With his card i would stick with nvidia but avoid the 470.86 driver.


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