Graphic tablet support

I am owning an INTEY graphic tablet but on Linux I couldn't find any drivers for it. Please help. I need all the features I had on Windows with it.

I dont know if anything here will help you along. Have a read and see:

The initial posts report of no drivers and no linux software recognising graphics tablets.

Wait. That's exactly the model I'm using! Lol!

I am not convinced there is a solution in there. I saw talk of waycom drivers ar one point.
There seems little to find when I did a websearch using: "INTEY graphic tablet Ubuntu"

Are there any graphic tablets with Linux support or Linux drivers?

I don't use one so not a person to ask.
If you do a websearch "graphic tablet Ubuntu" you will see some hits like this for example:

The thing is that I already have this one graphic tablet but I would want to use that one with Linux and not just buy another one. I don't have the money.

I was simply answering your question.
If your tablet is a badge engineered version of a more prominent tablet in the Linux world then maybe a alternative driver could be found that works.

You're right.

I would like if I could get at least some alternative driver.
So I would have to search for it.

I own 2 Wacom tablets and both work OOB in Linux. I think drivers are integrated into the kernel.

The problem is that I want to use the one I already have and not just buy a new one. Even if I would sell it I don't think I'd have enough money.

Actually one of Wacom tablets was from so-called dead-stock and I paid only a fraction of the cost of the original price (something like 80% off). I am a bargain hunter :wink:

Since I do not own non-Wacom tablet, I was not aware that not all tablet was supported in Linux. I will look into it.


I searched and came to the conclusion that the above link @zabadabadoo posted offers the most comprehensive information about this device. The prognosis does not look very promising. An excerpt from this github discussion:

According to my search there is basically no working software for this on any system (windows, mac or linux) (the manufacturer only sells through amazon where they probably bought all the positive reviews)

I found that the no longer have this product listed :frowning:

The major issue that format of full report can't be parsed as normal HID report. Vendor is using improper bits order for all parts of data in report.

It sounds very bad...

I saw @Alpha-Craft posted a message at this github discussion page. I hope someone will come up with a solution. Since it is not a issue specific to Zorin but Linux in general, you could also search for the solution in other Linux forums as well.


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