Graphical Frontend!

i'm searching for a Graphicle Frontend for LTS Clamav 1.0.x (or the latest version 1.3.x), but i didn't found any.
If anybody knows more, please let me know.
Thanks a lot,

Take a look at ClamTK:

Note: ClamAV is notorious when it comes to false positive. So don't be alerted when something pop up on your system.

I knew this Frontend, but: does it work together with the new Clamav VLTS-Version1.0.X or the latest Version 1.3.X under ZorinOS?

I have installed Clam with the Terminal sudo apt install clamav clamtk clamtk-gnome and it works.

No, doesn't work for the new versions, because ClamTk 6.07 will be installed and ClamAv 0.103.11!

ClamTK probably will work with the newest releases of ClamAV. But on Zorin OS you can only install up to version 0.103.11 from the official repositories.

You can try to install ClamAV from the packages on their website, and do then install ClamTK from their project site separately.
This seems to work, but some of the underlying packages like freshclam remain at 0.103.11.

Have you tried this: GitHub - ivangabriele/clamav-desktop: Cross-platform Desktop GUI for ClamAV antivirus.

When you want the newest Version You could download clamav from the Developers Website and then go in the Gnome Software Center an search for clam (look at the Picture from @zenzen ) and there are Website Link's to the Project and from this You could install the newest Clamtk Version too.

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