Graphical pixelation / flashing in Chrome

I've only seen this issue happen in Chrome, and it happens more on some websites than others. I use a site called Packback for school, and I almost always get this weird pixelation issue. Some pages are worse than others.

It doesn't come across in the screenshot, but the pixelated areas are flickering rapidly and sometimes show through the content that's behind the window, like an actual window.

I've tried to find similar topics, but can't find anything similar enough to this issue. Please let me know if this is the wrong category or if there is actually another thread already covering this.

This looks like a graphics card issue - or graphics driver.

What is your terminal output for

sudo lshw -C video

Thanks for the quick reply! Here's the output:

FWIW I found this link: Reddit - Dive into anything that seems to actually be what I'm experiencing. Looks like turning off hardware acceleration in Chrome did the trick, although I'm curious as to what the actual issue is.

I feel like this was a basic issue, sorry for wasting your time! Should have just kept looking for five minutes more before posting.

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