Graphics Bug

Hey guys,
is there anybody who can tell me whats causing this issue?
I have graphic bugs in steam and in some other Zorin internal Menus.


Windows Games not working completely, all windows games i start with wine or steam Proton are black after start.
Mesa and graphic drivers seem to be installed properly, everything works smooth and i realy enjoy working with Zorin as my new base OS.

Videos, Youtube and everything i use in daily live works great, alsow linux ready games, they run alsow perfectly fine.

(Produkt: AMD Ryzen 3 3200U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx, 24Gb DDR 4 Ram)

Thank you Zorin team for this great Windows alternative.

Hope anybody can help.


Some Common Problems Ubuntu Users Face are:-
Most of the famous Windows games (like Valorant) do not work on Linux, even with wine and having a low spec PC and using proton with it can cause serious Frustration.

If this is not your Case :-

Try this Horrible graphical glitch :: Hardware and Operating Systems

and also, Try Contacting Steam Community:-


I note from your post that it is not just games that give you graphics problems.
I dont know if any advice from here will help you at all.

@ ghostminator
The first image is JDownloader, this is not a game, it's a Software written in Java.

Thank you guys, i will try to install the latest AMD Graphics driver and hope that it helps.