Great Google Photos Replacement

I thought I would share that I found a great replacement for Google Photos.

They have an appImage that you can install on Zorin OS and it can sync your local photos up.




Right now I'm using onedrive a lot because I'm constantly moving between devices for university (tablet is old and can't multitask but has great battery which I need, laptop has malfunctioning battery but can multitask and desktop pc at home doesn't reach +60ºC when just watching a video on youtube...), but now that the summer break is arriving and I'm gonna have a lot more free time, I'm gonna try to see if I can use an old phone to self-host something like nextcloud or other cloud storage replacement that lets me have the files have saved in both, the "server" and the machines I use. Is onedrive more convenient and removes the need to do that? Yes, but the less I depend on Microsoft, the better. And aside from just privacy, one of my documents that was being edited with the online version of Word can't be opened with the online nor the desktop version of Word anymore, but can with libreoffice even if it was being edited in Word and no error appeared the previous time I edited it (and it was just text and one table, so not a very complex document either). So they are not just bad when it comes to privacy, but also unreliable.