Grub Customization not working

Here is what I have. An Asus M5A99FX mother board PC. I have an internal HHD and an external SSD connected through a USB port. On the internal HHD I have in my first partition Zorin 15 lite. On my second partition I have Z16 core. On my SSD I have Z16 lite. Grub has my boot order as follows Z15 lite, Z16 core and finally Z16 lite which is on the external SSD.
I have tried using the Grub Customizer program on both Z16 core and Z16 lite and it doesn't seem to do anything. What I mean by that is that I can change the name or the boot order in Customizer and save the changes but when I reboot the Grub menu is just like it was before. I want to change the order so that Z16 lite is the default boot up. I have tried moving it to the top as suggested to make it first so it would boot first but after rebooting it is still last. I have tried making it the default boot but again when I reboot nothing has changed in the Grub menu. I can select what ever I want and that selections boots ok. But I can't seem to get my default OS changed.
One other thing that seems to be a bit odd is that if I go into bios and select the SSD as my default boot device I get the grub command menu telling me to put in a bootable device. I think this means that it can't boot directly from the SSD because the Grub boot info is on the internal HHD.
I thought maybe if I made the changes using Grub Customizer with the OS on the first partition which is Z15 lite that might get the changes actually written to the correct boot area of that drive. However I don't see Grub Customizer in the software available for Z15 lite.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get my changes to actually work. I don't know the terminal commands well enough to figure this out on my own. I have been trying to solve this for a couple of days now. If someone knows the correct commands to do this from terminal I would be glad to try that route. Thanks for any help you can give.

You can just boot into Zorin OS Lite, then Reinstall GRUB in order to reposition it as the default boot.

I recommend against Grub Customizer application. I come across more threads of it messing people up and making a mess of Grub than much else.

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Well I have to agree about Grub Customizer. It sure didn't work for me. I tried what you said about going to Z16 lite and reinstalling grub but I got a message that Grub couldn't be found.

So I did another search on this forum for reinstalling grub and found this thread:

I followed your directions to get to the Grub file and then edited it for the default boot OS. I saved the edit and updated Grub and now my PC boots into Z16 lite just like I wanted it to. I had looked at that thread before but didn't really understand as much as I do now. Thanks for your help. I will mark your post as the solution since it led me to the correct solution.

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