Grub dont start

Hello, I have a problem.
I have Zorin with Windows in dual boot.
When I start my PC it dont start in grub, instead its starting directly in windows. I already tryed grub repair, but it shows the error: "NVram locked".

This can happen when Secure Boot is enabled in the BIOS settings.

The os-prober should set the Grub Menu to appear even if you set the style to "hidden" in /etc/default/grub

Do you have one of the OS's installed on an external drive that is not mounted in time for init?

Secure boot is disabled. None of the OS's is on an external Drive. They are both on my internal drive.

I changed some bios settings and randomly found a solution. Ubuntu/Zorin has to be 1 in boot option. Windows changed that and that was the problem. Now I changed it back and it is working.


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