GRUB Error: You need to load the kernel first

I have dual booted Zorin OS 16 with Windows 10. When I boot my system I see the GRUB bootloader to select which operating system to boot. I select Zorin OS and I get this error: Error: Command Failed, you need to load the kernel first Then I switched off my computer by pressing the power button. Then I boot it again, select Zorin OS 16 and it boots perfectly fine.

I have also installed Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Kubuntu on this machine previously. I had the same problem. I have also tried Zorin OS 15.3 earlier and I never got this error. Please help.

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Have you tried Grub Repair?

This website shows that Ubuntu does not boot. But Zorin OS boots but not the first time you start your computer. Anyway I will try GRUB repair. Thanks

The need to repair grub does not always necessitate failure to boot.
That said, it is failing to boot.

Ok, Thanks for your help

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