Grub not showing on dual boot | Boot fixer tool killed windows?

This is the link i got from boot repair tool :

Last time when i tried installing boot repair and fixing it, It killed my windows (windows wont load after that). So i am bit scared to use boot repair tool now.

What i currently do is when loading up i click F9 and choose the option in below image to load into zorin os. By default grub menu doesnt appear and directly boots into windows.

In this tutorial:

Please scroll way down toward the bottom until you see these two screenshots:

This is the part of the guide that you need.
In your case, check for a box to repair Windows boot - or to backup and rename Windows boot.
Ensure that "unhide the Menu" is checked and set for 10 Seconds, as well.
Continue as the guide suggests.

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Thnk u sir. Let me try it. Can i try with my existing zorin os or should i do live boot?

Yes, you must do as live boot in order to have the drive you need access to unmounted.

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