GRUB not showing up

Hello everyone.
I've just installed Zorin OS to my daily driver laptop, and GRUB doesn't want to show up. It only showed up once, but it still works. I could choose between Zorin and Win 10, so it must be some graphical error. Do you have any ideas?

You could try Boot Repair:

I just dealt with this same issue, and learned a few things:

  1. If your computer uses UEFI rather than BIOS (which it probably does), the key to bring up GRUB is ESCAPE, not SHIFT.
  2. It is possible to hit this button too early.
  3. (Related, but I'm less sure about this one:) Some instructions say to hold down the button, but I found that this didn't word. I had to repeatedly mash it (but not too early)

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