[grub rescue] problem I help asap please

I was trying to install windows 11 after I installed Zorin Os, I plugged my bootable usb but whenever I go boot device option and select the device it just reboot everytime so I deleted Zorin Os partition and now it’s everytime boot in grub rescue I tried most article out there but nothing worked please help me.

Can you give more details, it will really help us?

Some questions:
Which version and flavour of ZorinOS did you have installed e.g. Z16Core, Pro or Z15.3 Lite etc?
Was it a dual-boot installation of ZorinOS and some version of Windows?
Do you have one or more Disk Drives (or SSD's) and how many partitions do you have? (a Gparted screenshot would be useful here).

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It was Zorin Os 16 Pro, no if was not a dual boot , just a 500 GB Internal hdd.
I'm unable to boot in so I don't have a gparted screenshot but this from the grub rescue

I posted some here please check

Can you still boot the Zorin Live USB in "Try Zorin" mode?

For now it doesn't boot it's just stay at grub rescue and if you're saying in other... I have to make a Zorin Os bootable device and check that...

You can try to install windows first, deleting all the partitions and beginning again. Aside from a live image, you may have to remove the drive and slave it to another computer to wipe it and begin again.

It is odd that you are unable to boot from another device. What year is your machine? Make and model?


While I understand it is possible to install Windows after Linux, I've never had a good luck myself. "Windows first Linux second" is our family motto :wink:


Yup, same motto here. If you do linux first and then windows it always failed....at least for me


It is because Windows thinks that it is the only OS exists under the sky. It will always write over the Linux bootloader then you have to spend quite some time to fix it :confused:


I'm using linux for more than a year I guess, I never got a problem like this and this problem got my mind die

Installing Windows after Linux takes a few more steps:

Since you deleted the Zorin OS partition, you will need to reinstall Zorin OS.
You might just install Windows, first. Then install Zorin as Dual Boot after.


Yup, thats what i also wanted to post. Without partition your os is gone. Reinstall windows 11 and then reinstall zorin os.

Next time before you delete anything, ask for help on the forum first.

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Well said :slight_smile:

Sorry to say, I have solved the problem myself :smirk: and thanks for all your kind responses.

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anonymouslyyours, could you please detail your solution in a post so others that have a similar issue can be helped by what you did to solve it?

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you can install Zorin OS first then Windows, but you will run into problems when there is a kernel update(when update-initramfs), you have to mount all partitions manually (open partition one by one especially windows boot partition). you should install Windows first then Linux.

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Yes, the Golden rule of dual-boot.

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