Grub start ubuntu not Zorin

Next time when I get some problems before and after I will create a photo.
You want sayed someone hacking a Zorin? I don't changed a grub when my graphic card working. It will be soon a month.

I wouldn't jump to those conclusions; but my question remains valid. I've installed the latest updates, too.
I think hacking or you going in and changing it are both as unlikely as Zorin Update doing it.
As to what caused it- I do not know.

Nobody hacking my pc but working on pc experimetal testing you can get some weird things.

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This is very true - and the story of my first 6 months on Zorin OS :smiley:

Zorin after changed grub very slowly.
Games in steam not loading. Everything loading very slowly. Temperature graphic card from 65 go to 55 and my pcu processor now is 88%.
Recovery mode help all this problems and back before update?