GRUB_TIMEOUT options ignored

Using Zorin Core 16.2, Grub timeout settings are ignored by update-grub whilst other things like kernel arguments and additional entries in 40-custom file are respected.

Upon closer inspection, this seems to be caused by recordfail being set.

How would I clear this to fix grub? Or do I do something else for grub timeout to work properly?

Are you dual booting with another OS?

In an effort to avoid the X-Y problem, I first must ask why you are changing grub timeout and what value you are changing it to (importantly, that the value is non-zero)

I am not dual-booting. The custom menu entry is for Memtest86+, 32-bit efi version (Bay Trail tablet is being used here), not another OS.

I am changing the timeout to 3 because the default was/is too long for my taste. Though I don't think the default ever got used now that I think about it - I think it was always the recordfail timeout that was used...

Ok. Just to be sure it is not set to "0" as this can result in the user being utterly unable to access the Recovery Menu, should they need it. And if you need it at some point... you really want it to be there...

If you edit your grub file and add the following line:
Then save the file and run sudo update-grub, that should force the recordfail to adhere to the set grub timeout.

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