Guest account or account with no to simple password?

My dad will sometimes use my computer for browsing and he is not a tech savvy, having complex password for his account is challenge to him. Is it possible to register a simple password using shell?

Yes, and I do this on personal machines that only I use and even that don't access the net- setting the Password to be blank (Just hit enter) or simple numeric PIN or two letter (I once used the password of "PW").

Sorry, new to Linux what is the shell command for this?

In terminal, elevate to Root:

sudo -i

Then use the passwd command, followed by the Name of the User you wish to change the password for. For example, let's say DAD is the user name:

passwd DAD

It will prompt for a new password - Enter the Simple New Password; then enter it again on the confirmation.
It should then say that password was successfully changed.

When finished, type


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Thank you :smiley:

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