GUI admin permissions on xfce desktop

Yesterday, I've installed debian on an old laptop I have. When I was asked about the DE, I accidentally selected gnome, and the USB drive is a bit old, so I don't wanna force it over an unnecessary reinstall, so I gave gnome a try, but it was really slow and needing extensions to make it something I visually like, which would make it even slower... so I went to synaptic, searched for xfce and installed it. It seems to work pretty well, except for one thing:

when a gui program would usually show a prompt to enter the user/admin password, it errors out saying I don't have permission (trying to uninstall programs from gnome software) or just doesn't open at all (synaptic), but never shows the gui password prompt that the gnome desktop used to show in the same installation. Doing it from the terminal (sudo synaptic) seems to work, but it would be a bit more comfortable not needing to use the terminal every time I need to open a program that will use admin permissions. Does someone know why does the password prompt not appear?

nevermind, restarting the laptop a second time after I installed the DE fixed the issue

thought one restart was gonna be enough to make it work properly and that's why I came here to ask, but apparently it needed another restart. Well at least it works now

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