GUI for Synology Note Station Client suddenly not showing up this week

Hello everyone! It's been while. Hope you all are well.

I have a little problem. I've been using Synology's Note Station Client, installed via *.deb, and running fine for the last few months. However, the client app no longer show the GUI after loading in the last few days. There were some ZorinOS updates and other stuff in the last week, almost daily.

I see that it's loaded in Sytem Monitor, but, I'm not sure how to make it magically appear again.

Here's the link to the downloadable installable file: Download Center - DS1513+ | Synology Inc.

Thanks everyone!

the first obvious thing I'd try is a reboot, it could be that Synology is having some trouble starting up due to some dependency having been updated

other than that, I'd also try to kill it in it's entirity and run it again manually

That's the first thing I did many times. I also reinstalled and cold rebooted a few times already.

Could it be a permissions issue?

Sorry about the late reply. Been focusing on my studies as I only have six more months now, hopefully, to finish my LLB (Hons) degree.

But, Note Station is web-based https to my NAS, so Samba and CIFS wouldn't apply. It's just the GUI won't show up, but I see the process running.

I'll need figure out some more when I have more time later on.

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