Gui not show after try to uninstall python 3.8

error, cd-rom doesnt have a release file

As this is a Zorin OS Pro Issue, perhaps you may be better served by using the contact form provided in your purchase of Pro to contact the ZorinGroup directly for assistance.

i have uninstalled nvidia driver but still mouse keyboard not working. work another account.


mv ~/.config ~/.config-bk

log out and in, test.

not working

You also may consider reinstalling Zorin OS...

Thanks alot, i need recover, should i use "sudo apt install -y gnome gnome-shell zorin-os-desktop-premium" ?

Currently, you have said that is not working.

how to full backup and restore?

This depends on what your goal is.

In your case, due to this transpiring due to a change in Python; I recommend replacing all of Root.
So, your general Home Folder items that you wish to keep:
You may have items in home you also wish to keep.
Tap the keyboard shortcut ctrl+h to reveal the "hidden" files.
You should see .config, .local and so on.

You can save your .profile and if you use conky, .conky. If you have installed custom fonts, then save .fonts.
You will know looking at what needs to be saved.

The way I do this is I simply Compress The Directory that contains what I want to keep and then move that compressed file to a backup storage. USB or External Drive...

Others use the Back-Ups app in the App menu.

thanks man for your help, i am reinstalling ...

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