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Hello, I have been writing programs and GUIs in Visual Studio in C# on Windows. Now I am looking for something like this for Zorin. I have seen that there is Mono or Eclipse.
What do you think are worthy alternatives for Visual Studio?
So I just want to write small programs that have a graphical user interface (GUI). C# I'm used to, but have no fear of contact with other languages.


Mono is an option as you have already mentioned.
Another famous one is the QT platform. The app is called QT creator. It's a very powerful platform.
Sharpdevelop is incredibly similar to Visual Studio and but it's development has been discontinued. You still can use the latest version.
There are a few more alternatives, but as far as I know, QT is the best one. It's lightweight, not-bloated, fast, robust, and feature packed.

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Vs code and idea (intellij) community are what I'm using, but i haven't been doing much gui.


I like idea's similarity too android studio to do graphical or by code... but i guess it's a matter of preference.

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