Guide to KDE theming

Right-click anywhere on the desktop for context menu and select 'Configure desktop'

Then if you want something new click on 'Get New Wallpapers':

Choose from
Most Downloads,

Then click on 'Install'

When you select this button you might get two options or more in terms of resolution - unfortunately, Spectacle is not picking up the menu items whereas 'Shutter' would! In this instance I have chosen the one that matches my screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 - the higher one I guess is for 4K users! (5472x3468)!

After install the install button changes to 'uninstall':

You should now see the new wallpaper in the Wallpaper window of Desktop Folder Settings - Plasma:

Selection places a pale blue border around the selected wallpaper, then you click on 'Apply' to change it.

In respect of 'Themes', enter 'themes' in the search bar of the KDE Menu and select 'Desktop Theme' - this will open up a window titled:
Configure Desktop Theme:

As for wallpaper - select Get new themes:

and once installed:

The same goes for cursors - when you enter 'theme' in the search bar of the menu Desktop themes is top, followed by Cursors:

Now going for Sweet cursors to match the Sweet theme chosen earlier:

Just to add, if not showing after install, relaunch the Wallpaper, Desktop theme, Cursor theme windows. :grinning:

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I usually just clone the GitHub or GitLab page and install it.

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Could you expand a bit more as an add-on to this tutorial? Thanks for your input.

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I like the wallpaper you are using, it gives me a very Titanic feeling. Your mouse cursor is cool of course. I haven't upgraded my mouse cursor in Zorin OS yet, I am still using the Adwaita or whatever its called, I just have the cursor sized enlarged a bit so its easier for me to see.

Hi StarTreker,

The wallpaper is of the A.I. Poe (based on Edgar Allen Poe) from the Netflix series Altered Carbon in his 'Raven Hotel'. Apparently this deviates from the Comic Book version of Altered Carbon as the character in the book played homage to Jimi Hendrix. I can't remember the site where I got it from but will see if I can find it. The Steam Punk theme was from Pling! or kde - the cursor theme I had to install separately by pointing to the downloaded tar.gz of it/them!

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