Ha, I can install my favorite architectural drawing app!

SweetHome 3D. It's the only one I was able to somewhat master.

More pics:


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found the download links quite easily on their website

You can either use the .jar as long as you have Java installed, or linux-x64.tgz

I never could get that railing right. The solar panels are actually mirrors. I would imagine they have them now.

I extracted it and then went into the Main Menu app and added the SweetHome 3D file to the Graphics menu. No icon tho, except for a gear wheel. It's an ugly icon anyway.

You can also create a link and drag it to the desktop. Or right click it in the start menu and add to Favorites or desktop.

Not sure if there is a better way that gets you the icon but this was pretty easy.

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I think it is amazing work, myself.

Thanks! I feel it's the best floorplan ever in a 'park model' home (trailers under 400sf classified as RVs).

No going thru the kitchen to get to the bedroom! You can get 6 people around the TV, it has a real bathroom and stacked washer/dryer. No entry closet but I would put coat hooks in the hall.

I admit to a certain interest in "Tiny Homes", so the ideas you present may have a bit greater value to me.

It's in the Software Store, Doh. Let that be a lesson, check there first.