Handheld Linux Gaming 'Console'

Got something I know at least a few people would like on here :smirk:

I just recently found LINUX gaming handhelds on AliExpress!! :sunglasses:

There are TONS of these things on there so watch out, some of them aren't much more than a Gameboy emulator. BUT - the one I picked up ($91 after tax, free shipping) called the TrimuiSmartPRO is just all kinds of awesome. Two front facing speakers, built-in WiFi for online play or local AdHoc play like PSP, Rumble / vibration, two joy sticks, L1+L2 / R1+R2 triggers, AB / XY, D-pad, microphone, 3.5mm headphone, TWO Type-C ports - one charge / data - one for USB input like keyboard / mouse / controller, HUGE widescreen display - about 5x brighter than the PSP 1/2/3000 models, and some RGB joystick LEDs :grin: has different colors for the different consoles - pretty neat..

Now, game support --

TONS of games are included - I got a 64GB uSD (smallest option) loaded with 59GB of games - ended up replacing it with a 128GB and adding more ROMs buuut:

3 Atari systems, MAME / MAME 2010, CPS-1-2-3 (Capcom systems), ALL Sega consoles (except Saturn.. for now) - including Dreamcast :wink: tried Seaman with the microphone, needs work hahaha - PSP / PS1, Gameboy, GBA, GB-C series, Famicom, Super Famicom, N64, - with all 5 million Pokemon games :unamused:, vertical gaming like old arcade joystick / red button layout - pretty much almost all consoles / games up to 128-bit like the Dreamcast. I have tried the microphone on some things but can't figure out how to initialize the hardware. Also, running RetroArch - like a custom setup though. But, you can get to all the settings; most of the other ones would lock out users from accessing most of the RA's console settings and all but, not with this one! Even has all the box-art to display with the games! :sunglasses:

I'll get some pics up of it - but absolutely one of the best things I've seen in a while! I got another cheaper one as a gift for Christmas coming up :wink: Doesn't play as much but another pretty highly rated one; PowKiddy.

Got some pics, one compared to my heavily modded PSP1000, few of the consoles / game browser, joystick LEDs. The PSP is at full brightness vs the Trimui, kinda hard to tell with the washed out pics lol but it's very much brighter than the PSP display; and much more clear, no shadows. The 'Fn' switch on the bottom - forgot about that little guy; it's a power save switch, reduces max CPU speed. A lot of other videos I watched, say that the performance isn't good and the Fn switch is to cut off WiFi and stick LEDs buuut isn't ..... Bull mess! I'm playing Dreamcast games with ease, zero lag :person_shrugging: Alone in the Dark was the only lag I got so far, very little, and during a cinematic part; but still not as bad as what others have said. Also feels really good in the hand - my man-hands are a little too big for the PSP to play comfortably.. and any of the GB series :laughing: There also is a joystick calibration - a must before any game play, and can remap the entire button layout to something different (comes with the B/A swap like the JP handhelds). Also firmware updates - already flashed to the newest version. Doesn't keep the time right, but not really a bother. The stock firmware had issues with CPU scaling and overheating on the home screen, apparently. With stock firmware it only got warm-ish when WiFi was on. Speaking of - was able to get on GTA Vice City Stories through PPSSPP networking! Definitely works well! The buttons, including the triggers and D-pad are quite clicky - that was in the other videos I watched. But, I kinda like it - there's a definitive 'button press'. Also keeps me from button-mashing :rofl:

Definitely one to check out - if you're into the old-school retro gaming stuff. My other setup is a RPi3 with RetroPi - and now something mobile! The biggest thing that drew me in was the Dreamcast emulation. Among other things but, mostly having a Dreamcast in my pocket :grin:


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