Handling network drives

Now that I have installed all the programs I need for my work, I have discovered that not all programs handle network drives in the same way.
I have saved three directories on my Synology NAS as bookmarks in File Explorer.
Libre Office Writer displays the bookmarks and I can retrieve and save files directly from them.
Darktable shows the bookmarks, but I can't import photos from them.
Rythmbox, on the other hand, works perfectly.
It seems that not all programs use the same file handling functions.
How can I set up Zorin so that I can work with all programs directly on my NAS?

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I can't tell if OP is actually having these issues or if this is an ad for DeepL :rofl:

DeepL is a online translator often suggested on the forum, if you didn't know. It is good that Marcel translates his post to English instead of one of us having to do it afterwards.
As for Marcel having a network drive issue, I believe he has posted previously asking about NAS issues, so I expect this again to be true in this case.

Unfortunately I do not use NAS so am not in a position to help him.

@Marcellot Can you please edit your forum profile to indicate which edition of ZorinOS you are using. e.g. Pro, Core, Lite etc. Thanks. Zab

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I use zorin os pro 17.1