Handy little addition

Having upgraded to Zorin 17.1 Lite, I set a reminder on my Win 11 box New Outlook Calendar upstairs. Two days later there is a little up arrow on my Zorin Box which when clicked shows the reminder I set upstairs on my Zorin Box downstairs. Magic. :smiley:

neat lol
but i think it syncs with your outlook account , not the OS ...

And Outlook is no longer just a mail client. Microsoft uses it as a data scraper for its 801 partners:

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@swarfendor437 I've always thought Outlook was scraping my mail, data is big biz. Anything private I use my own domain email.

I use protonmail for financial, and e.email for general stuff. e.email servers are in datascraping free Norway.

Thought you might like this:


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Interesting I shall have to have a read.