Happy about new upgrade tool!

Thanks to the devs and all the beta testers out there. My upgrade from 16 Pro to 17 Pro went super smooth and didn't take longer than 20min.
Even some of the software that had been swapped for 17 (Fragments for Transmission) had been kept installed.
A good amount of attention to detail had gone into the upgrading process including warning the user of uninstalling and changing apps, maintaining custom settings and app user data.
Props to everyone involved!

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I agree.

Whilst I paid for and downloaded Z17 very soon after release, I waited patiently for the inplace upgrade tool to be tested and released.

Today my upgrade went well on two desktops with no issues or failures.

Well done team.


Having a dual drive dual-boot with Win 11, upgrade was the best option. It was necessary to enroll the Nividia graphics card with Mok Utilities due to the new kernel. The work-around is to disable secure boot. The promise of an upgrade path was one reason I choose Zorin in 2021. Stability and beauty help too ! :wink: :wink:

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Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I also have a dual boot with Win 10. One of the reasons why I didn't want to do a wipe and new install of Zorin. It all went well - no problems with grub whatsoever.


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