Hard Drive Partition Choices

I am in the process of moving toward Zorin. Right now, I have Win10 on a dedicated C drive. Nothing else will go on this drive. There are a few programs I will need to run periodically. There are programs my wife will need to run periodically, so this OS is here to stay for now. So I have 3 new drives that are going in tonight (1TB, 1TB, 2TB). I will make sure they are GPT, but after that what is the best choice? These drives will need to be accessed by both Win10 and Zorin 17. I would normally choose exFAT, but with Zorin is there a better choice? And is that choice compatible with Win10?

Eventually, Zorin/Linux will get its own dedicated drive. That is a few weeks away. I also plan on having a dual boot for each OS, but Linux will be the main OS. That is the plan. We will see.

Thanks for the assistance.

You will use ext4 format for Zorin OS.
Zorin OS is able to access and read NTFS, however Windows OS is unable to read anything other than FAT(s) and NTFS. So aim toward Windows Compliance more than Zorin OS compliance.

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Thanks. I will do just that. Ext4 will come later. :+1:

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