Hardinfo 0.6-alpha has got to go

I noticed that Hardinfo AKA System Information is baked into Zorin v15.3. It's gotta' go. Artyom and his staff need to pick something new to bake into their distros. According to the Help pane within Hardinfo, v0.6-alpha was released in 2017. In its listings, alternativeto.net, says that development of Hardinfo ended in 2009 with v0.5.1. See here for details: https://alternativeto.net/software/gpu-z/?platform=linux

If there's going to be a v15.4.whatever-number, perhaps the default system information tool can be CPU-X, from XOrg?

Thanks for your understanding.

Zorin 15.3 is based on Ubuntu 18.04, which is why some of the apps are old or out of date. So anything included in Ubuntu will also be in Zorin.

Zorin 16 is due soon, hopefully, and is based on Ubuntu 20.04.

@jgordon That's all well and good but your answer still doesn't answer my question. What level of difficulty would it be for Artyom and his staff to remove hardinfo from Ubuntu and drop a new program into its place? Moreover, aren't people paying $40 for the Ultimate Edition?? There isn't enough money floating around that Artie or is brother can invest some time into getting it done??

I bought Ultimate to support Zorin development and say thanks for the hard work the 2 developers put into Zorin and support the work to get Zorin 16 out the door. I didn't have any expectations of gaining influence over the direction, inclusion or exclusion of Zorin now or in the future.

They take the LTS build of Ubuntu and build a fantastic GUI and set of apps on top of it. It gives me the option of installing Linux with little hassle, huge options and let's me get on with my job.

If Ubuntu came with that software in 2018 then that's what we got. I assume that there are other hardware apps in the store that can be installed or a newer version could be downloaded and compiled.

My Zorin 15.3 has hardinfo 0.5.1git20180227 installed so no idea where you got 0.6 from. Also looking at repology.org 0.6 is the latest version. Ubuntu 20.10 still uses 0.5.1git20180227 so we are in good company.


I agree with you 100%.
I've never seen Zorin as a merchandize. I vote for FOSS with a modern convenience called "money".

While I know enough about Linux and could create (almost) the same thing as Ultimate version, I still want to show my support for the developers for their formidable job by purchasing it.

Billnes11229, thanks for giving your feedback. Feedback like this is what helps everything improve as well as to examine the build and test its fortitude.

Personally, I use cpu-x. It is neat and tidy, organized and informative. It's a preference.

HardInfo works as intended. The original Maintainer has left but the package is still maintained in the Bionic Main Repository.
It works and is not broken...

As a suggestion or feedback, it is perfectly valid. But to imply that laziness is involved as you just did is uncalled for. As stated above; I use CPU-X because I prefer it. I certainly cannot (and I do not) expect to Zorin Group to answer to all of my preferences. I actually have a large number of opposing preferences, so when I install Zorin OS, I make all the changes and set up as I desire. Were I to choose Zorin Ultimate - this would not empower me any to push my preferences onto them. That is the beauty of Linux; The diversity and cross-platform customizability. I can change things to suit myself and my needs without relying on outside developers.
We cannot accuse the ZorinGroup of slacking off in spite of how much you may donate to Ultimate if they provide Gedit instead of Xed (I prefer Xed.) Or instead of Sublime Text. Or Mousepad.

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This is exactly what I felt.
Thanks for articulating it so clearly.

I am using the 16 beta version, when the premium version comes out I will buy it. it sure comes out in july right :innocent:

@jgordon Fair enough. Thanks so much. CASE CLOSED.