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Hi, I just bought a new AMD based PC and put Zorin on it. I am migrating from Windows 10, I have another PC with win 10 on it.

I noticed my wifi isn't as fast as my windows machine, it's probably a driver issue. The wifi hardware is integrated onto the motherboard. I was looking for a list of hardware but cannot find it. In Windows you go to the "Device manager" and handle driver issues from there. How to I do this in Zorin ?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to Zorin OS 16! :slightly_smiling_face:

No, if the WIFI adapter is working, and just not performing at full speed, its less likely to be a driver issue, and more likely to be a power management issue.

Have you disabled power management yet?

CTRL ALT T to enter terminal.

xset -dpms

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Wow, thanks StarTreker ! That worked. Using speedtest.net I get same speed as my win box :slight_smile: I am thinking of getting the $39 option for Zorin o/s because it is totally worth it and to help support Zorin developers, it is the best Linux distro I have come across regarding a switch from Windows. Thanks !


Your very welcome, since my resolution, was the solution to your issue, if you would be so kind to mark my post above as SOLVED, I would greatly appreciate it.

Keep being amazing Andy!

PS: If you do get Zorin OS PRO, make a intro post about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah I will. How do I upgrade to Pro after I have downloaded and installed the Core ?

Please refer to this pre-existing thread:

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