Hardware requirements

Could you please confirm me if the hardware requirements (ram, processor, etc.) for Zorin Os 16 Pro, are the same as for Zorin 15 Ultimate?
I have my doubts, as I have read that the new version of Zorin consumes a bit more resources than the previous one.

Hi alexandros,
Is this what you were talking about?

It does not look like changed from Zorin 15 - my memory might be deceiving me though.

The published requirements did not change, except that 32-bit is no longer supported.

In terms of resources, I wouldn't be surprised if Zorin 16's 3.38 Gnome desktop was "a bit" more resource-intensive than Zorin 15's 3.30 Gnome desktop, but I've not read anything (other than reports that seem to have stemmed from installation issues) that suggest that the difference is at all significant. If you look at the package list (see Distrowatch), the two are almost identical except for version number.

Edit/Update: See @Aravisian's comment immediately below. Apparently 3.38 is less resource-intensive than 3.30, so my Gnome speculation was wrong.

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Gnome did make some improvements to the shell from 3.30 - causing later versions to be less intensive and faster. Zorin OS's use of Preload helps a great deal as well.