Has anyone successfully installed Twister UI on 16.2?

I have been trying to install Twister UI. Twister OS
After installing XFCE, and installing the UI, I just can't seem to get it to run.

Are you installing it on Core instead of Zorin Lite?

It's a 32-bit OS (it's a full OS, not just a theme for another OS), just FYI... so if you've got more than 4 GB RAM, it'll either glitch or not access all the RAM.

Gotta read the fine print:

Twister UI is a user interface add-on for Linux Mint, Xubuntu and Manjaro. It includes themes, applications, and configurations to match the user experience found in Twister OS

Current Release
Twister UI 2.1.2
64-Bit Xubuntu/Linux Mint

Ah, I see. I was going off the FAQ:

### Is Twister OS a 64-bit OS?
Twister OS is a 32-bit OS.
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Yes, I think Twister OS itself is 32 bit for RasPi.

Yeah, I was hoping that there was enough similarity to Mint that it would function. The OS version of it is definitely 32bit, but the UI as you saw was 64 bit. It was more just a "hey how bout I try this", luckily not something needed. I'm using Zorin 16.2 Pro. I'm sure there are some additional tweaks to it that "break" the theme, I was just wondering if someone smarter than me might have taken a shot at it. :grinning: