Having a terrible time trying to install Zorin OS

Here's my issue. Everytime I try installing Zorin OS I get the following:
Errno 5
input/output error

Could someone please help me out. I've tried everything I could and retrying seems to have knackered up my hard drive and I have no computer anymore.

I can try Zorin OS from the USB I flashed it to. But everytime I try installing it fails.

A couple times it did end up saying "installation complete" but when I tried booting it showed a black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left.

Help would be appreciated! I am very tired.

PS: I am going to sleep in a bit so I may not reply until I wake up.

I/O error indicates bad media: Err no 5 input / output error
Please see # 1 & #2 here: USB boot install