Having problem updating BIOS after Dual-booting windows 11 and Zorin OS 17

I had recently dual booted Zorin OS 17 alongside windows 11 on my DELL inspiron 5509 . Recently i had a BIOS update on linux and after the update there is an error whenever i open linux , there is'nt any error when i use windows .

i have attached a screenshot of the error here update_error

please help me and Thank you all for your answers

Firstly, GNU/Linux does not update BIOS. The usual method is a download which you place on USB, boot into BIOS and point to the BIOS update file. It might be more of a kernel update or the BIOS update might have changed some settings that are causing issues with Zorin. It woould be more helpful if you search your log files to provide moee detailed information.

thank you for replying , after this update each time zorin goes to the lock screen , it justs restarts and everything i was doing is just deleted ( it doesn't goes into grub)

During that update when i did a restart it was showing firmware update along with a progress bar along with Dell logo

i will attach a screenshot of the log file

Your firmware update from Dell is separate from Zorin. What does appear to be an issue is your graphics.
You say that GRUB does not show up. How are you accessing the logs? Are you able to get into Zorin desktop? Also have you changed your Software sources to Main Servrer? This could be what is causing the kernel update issue.