HDMI 5.1 surround sound not working?

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My laptop connects to my tv via hdmi, and my tv connects to a sound system via hdmi. Basically, I don't get surround sound. The only channels that work when tested are front right and front left. I looked around and it turns out this is a problem others have had, and I found a working solution

However, that solution only works with Kodi. I'd love to get 5.1 working without Kodi, since I'd like to be able to use VLC and Youtube too. Help?

I assume you found "working solution" after doing a websearch.

Doing the same, I found this: pulseaudio - How to enable 5.1 sound on Ubuntu 20.04 - Ask Ubuntu

Maybe you also seen it from your searches. I don't know if anything there is any good to you.

Hi! Yes, I've seen this one and tried it. Unfortunately didn't really work. The second part of this fix where they could change the number of channels in alsamixer just doesn't exist for me? Like, the option isn't there.

Thank you anyway for bringing this up :>

Any help with ALSA here?:

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Hi! I'm gonna be honest and say a lot of it looks way over my head so I haven't been able to confidently try fixing anything yet, but it does look like something that might help after some more reading. But I wanted to say thank you for the link!

No worries friend.

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Just did a search for "5.1" on the forum here and found this: 5.1 Audio Playback Issues

Don't know if anything there may help you.

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