HDMI Monitor disconnects occasionally

Same here. New installation, laptop display disabled, HDMI/TV set to primary display, and occasionally, both display and sound stop mid-video-watching.

Moving the mouse resumes the connection. The system seems not to realise that the HDMI connection is working fine.

The same laptop, HDMI cable and TV worked fine with Windows 10 before I switched to Zorin.

Gday @galbaras , Welcome to the community!
Can i get you to connect the external screen & Open "Software Updater" , Goto Settings/ bottom left corner. Click the "Additional Drivers" TAB. see if you have any drivers there, ( If so select the drivers to suit your machine.)
Then Update & reboot.
Keep us informed.

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Thank you for this, @Ocka . Unfortunately, the software updater isn't showing any additional drivers. I did, however, find a setting in the power management area that may help. Should know more in the days to come.

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Gday @galbaras ,
Did you ran the update, even without any extra drivers?
Try disabling the screensaver,
Keep us informed.

This sounds like a Power Saver issue. The screen is blanking due to the video seeming like a period of time of inactivity to the system.
Your profile says you are using Zorin OS Lite.
Launch Settings from the app menu. Then navigate to the Hardware Section > Power Manager.
Switch to the Display tab. Under the option for "Blank after", set the slider all the way to the left for "Never."
You can explore the other power save options throughout to see if any others apply to your preferences that you would like to adjust.
Once you have made your adjustments, you can close the window and reboot to test.

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Awesome. That's what I've done. Just haven't had a chance to test yet. Thanks!

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