HDMI ouput only shows home screen

I have Nvidia geforce GTX and when I connect to TV with HDMI I can only see home screen not VLC output

What are your Display settings set to?

Are you using a PC Desktop or a Notebook computer?
Zorin OS Core or Zorin OS Lite?

Is VLC installed as a Snap, Flatpak or apt Package?

Display is set to 1920 x 1080 on a notebook computer.
I am using Zorin Pro.
I installed it from the Zorin software tab so not sure

You can open the software store and move to the VLC page, then either click the sources button on the titlebar or scroll all the way to the bottom to look at sources.

Checked store and source is dl.flathub.org

Can you try removing the Flathub version and instead install VLC as a standard APT package (Source will be Zorin OS, not Snap and Not flatpak)

The Flat and the Snaps double sandbox their packages, disallowing them from being able to communicate with the system.

Done but same problem.
Connect hdmi to tv and can only see home screen image (not menu)

Maybe I am not picturing what you are describing correctly. What do you mean by Home Screen Image?
Are you able to post a photo of it?

Photo below, VLC showing football, TV just shows Zorin Home screen

Ah, I see what you mean, now.

With most media players, you can just drag and drop the player window to the display you prefer to use.
VLC is a bit different. I do not use VLC (I only ever used it on WIndows), so I turned to the web. While I came across other users asking this question in various other forums, each time they asked they seem to get non-answers. It's been some frustrating reading.
I found this thread that may have helpful pointers:

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