Headphone Jack on motherboard cant be detected

uh. im new to zorin os. yesterday I change my os to zorin, but my Headphone Jack on motherboard seem to not deteced. (the sounds output panel Dont have)
but it works well done on Win. is there something wrong about my motherboard or the others problem on my zorin OS?
(Sorry for my broken English)

motherboard : msi b450 gaming plus max
cpu: ryzen 5 3600
gpu: asus rx 5700

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Which version and flavour of ZorinOS do you have. e.g. Z15.3 Core, Liite etc or maybe Z16 Core Beta?

I have done a bit of searching, It seems that motherboard has ALC1220 audio chipset. That led me to this: 20.04 - pacmd list-cards - Sound card detected by lspci but not available as an output device - Realtek ALC1220 / AMD Starship/Matisse - Ask Ubuntu

Try running Alsamixer from terminal. See what audio device is able to be selected.

If you are on Z15.3, you may be better to try Z16 Core Beta, which may offer better support to more modern machines.

I have Zorin OS 15.3 core, and i have run Alsamixer in terminal. it says i have two sound card in my computer(ATI R6xx HDMI and Realtek ALC892)

I guess ATI R6xx HDMI is my graphic card's, and it can works well
but the Realtek ALC892 one cant work, what should i do now?
oh btw thanks for your help

You could try pavucontrol

sudo apt install pavucontrol

Thanks or you guys helping, now it works!

Can I ask what did you do to get it to work?
My experience of sound issues on Zorin seem to involve a bit of magic, but if if you know what did the trick then it would be good to record it here for furture reference. Thanks.

I upgrade my system to 16 beta

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