Health check for SSD?

On Windows I could check the "health" of my old laptop computer's Hard Drive by using the chkdsk command. Now I have a new laptop, with an SSD instead of a Hard Drive.

BTW, this laptop is devoted totally to Zorin Pro. :smile:

QUESTION: Is there an app for checking an SSD's health? If not is there a command? (NOTE: I can rock & roll on Zorin using apps but I have near-zero knowledge re terminal commands. Thus, if I must use commands instead of a nice, friendly app, please make allowances for my abject ignorance in this area.)

The application is Gnome Disks. Alternatively you can use command line:


gnomedisks is good as @swarfendor437 mentioned, though in my experience ssd's tend to just fail catastrophically as opposed to mechanical drives which slowly deteriorate.


Many thanks for the guidance. Zorin's package mgr found Disks -- it looks exactly like the app named Gnome Disks as depicted on the link you gave.

My computer has a Hard Drive (HD) & an SSD. Both are Western Digital. Disks reported the HD as "passed" & let me run the drive's self-test. It blacked out the SMART options & Self-Test options for the SSD.

When the pkg mgr found Disks, it also found GSmartControl, listed as an app to check HD & SSD health. It reported the SSD as "unknown model" and its status as "SMART not supported."

My guess is that GSC has a list of drive model numbers that it is programmed to handle, & my SSD is too new to have made its list. Huh?

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Also check out hdd tools on Hiren's boot CD and red somewhere that Seatools from Seagate can check other branded drives.

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