Hello. Couple questions about Pro

I'm going to be upgrading core to pro in a couple of days (on pay day).

Are the included apps flatpaks or deb packages? Maybe a mixture?

Is it best to just download the iso from the email or do an in place upgrade?
Will an in place upgrade wipe my configs of apps that I might already have installed?

Is there any plans on making Zorin go Wayland only? I'm personally hoping for a no on that. At least not until there is a Wayland compatable app to Barrier. I rely on it all day every day to work with 2 computers.

I've really been impressed with Zorin 17 core over the last month or so that I've used it. It seems that I come across something new in it every day. Something I didnt have to configure, something I didnt have to tweak. Lots of little things that other distros never seem to think of. Those are greatly appreciated.
I've been using Linux since 2010 and I can honestly say that my biggest regret has been that I didnt try Zorin sooner.
This is a fantastic distro! Job well done and this user was well earned.


Maybe someone who has PRO will chime-in and provide a list of the included software. To my knowledge, all the software is Ubuntu/Debian except for Firefox which is a Flatpak. Again, from what I know, there are no Snaps installed. You can download all types of software including Snaps, Flatpaks, AppImages, and Debian/Ubuntu packages from the software store or the appropriate commands in the terminal. Finally, you don't need to buy PRO - the only difference between Pro and Core is the additional packages which you can download now anytime you want at no cost, a few extra desktop layouts to help customize your set up, and some customer support with help installing Zorin. You already have Zorin installed and you can install the extra software anytime from software center. The only thing you are not getting are the extra layouts. My intent is not to dissuade from buying the PRO version - just making sure you understand the basic differences between the Core version and PRO version. It's always good to help the Zorin team with contributions for sure. Buying the PRO version is a great way to accomplish that but not necessary. The upgrade tool is relatively new and I have no experience with it. Most people will tell you to do a fresh installation. If I was running ZOS 16.3 or ZOS 17, I would try the upgrade tool myself just to see if it works and if there are bugs. But make sure you back up you personal files first if you are using the upgrade tool. I think you can upgrade in-place from ZOS 17 Core or ZOS 16.3 but not fully sure. Hope this helps and welcome to Zorin.

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Zorin OS 17 defaults to Wayland. So, if you have been using Zorin OS 17 and did not switch it to Zorin Desktop on X, then you have been using it on Wayland.

You can use either the emailed .iso or the in-place upgrade using the Zorin Upgrader. If using the Zorin Upgrader, it will authenticate with the code included in your email for Zorin OS Pro.

The Upgrade generally should not change or remove any application configurations. However, some applications that are upgraded may reset to defaults if the newer edition of that application requires it (Some configurations deprecated).

I've been using X. I'm pretty familiar with gdm3 and switching out desktops and window managers.
I was just wondering if Zorin has plans to follow Gnome's idea of eventually going all Wayland. That point is rather far down the road and my issues may be solved by then.

Thank you those were both the answers I was looking for.

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My intet for upgrading to PRO is to support the Zorin team and to have the experience.
Plus I want to see what all it is you get for the upgrade. Lol.

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Hopefully, it is far down the road. Honestly, I was more than a little shocked that Zorin OS 17 was released defaulting to Wayland (Though still allowing X to be used).
Whether Wayland is ready for such seems to be less of a consideration among the Gnome developers than whether it is what they want.
It is a classic case of either shooting themselves in the foot (They really will need Nvidia cooperation...) or getting their way by use of force.

ZorinGroup may choose to follow this path into oblivion, but I can choose not to do so.

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