Help! Accidently wiped OS via Ventoy, but my files are still intact. How can I reinstall without risking my data?

So, I was trying to remove Ventoy from an SD, but forgot I also had Ventoy secured into the PC itself. Deleted it, then realized it was the wrong slot, the removed it from the SD card. Went to reboot the computer, and THIS is what popped up:

Now, I DID save snapshots via Timeshift, and I also have a live USB on hand. From what I can see, not only do I still have my snapshots, but it also looks as though I still have my installed apps prior to this. I'd assume I'd just need to reinstall Zorin OS, but I'm worried that I'll accidently delete everything. I wouldn't be too upset with losing my stuff since I've got all personal files inside my old PC & 4TB External Hard Drive, but it'd still be a hassle having to reinstall and reformat EVERYTHING.

Maybe the answer is simple, but I just don't have a clue on how to best handle this.

Were you running Zorin OS from Ventoy on the PC?

I don't believe so, no. Or I wouldn't be sure, to be honest.

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