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I install Arc menu to zorin, but i get both menus zorin and arc.
Do i need dash to dock to use Arc menu?

How can i add zorin logo to Arc Menu and "hide" the zorin menu?

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Your not hiding the Zorin Menu anytime soon, so as long as you stay on Gnome DE.

In my own personal experience, when you want to replace your menu, you have already answered your own question. "Should I switch to Cinnamon DE?" And your answer should be... "YES"

@Aravisian who is our resident Cinnamon and XFCE expert on all things LITE, will be providing you the answer now.

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Zorin Menu is based on Arc Menu. Just food for thought.

@dasjdoom discovered the Icon here:


Sorry i did understand, Gnome is not possible do i need to change to cinnamon is that?

Cant hide the menu?

sorry im not expert in linux...just testing things (hope not ended installing zorin again :slight_smile: )

I understand that is based on Arc Menu, just want to test this arc menu looks bigger.

Or can i change the size of the menu to be similar to Arc?

Thanks for the link i will test.

Probably. In that same directory /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/zorin-menu...

There is a stylesheet.css. The padding can be increased for the widget boxes.
I would need to log into the Gnome Desktop to test this and provide Detailed Instructions and it may be a while before I do so.

I got it, how to hide the menu now just try to change logo.

Just more one dumb question, its possible configure the zorin menu (like add favorites in the menu) ?


Can you remove the Zorin Menu from the panel?

Not remove, but hide...

Sorry for the dumb questions, i find and it's in the arc menu settings....dumb guy :slight_smile:


Hey stop beating yourself up dude! First of all, you are NOT dumb! You are learning new things every minute, every hour, of every day on Linux. And there is no such thing as a dumb question. The only stupid question, is the one you never asked.

Please look at yourself in the mirror and say, "You are stellar Mouratti" :blush:

OK, now back to your regularly scheduled program of.....Holy shmokies, where did my CSS code go, ohhhh, thats right, I put it away. :grin:


Like this sentence "The only stupid question, is the one you never asked." :slight_smile:
Dumb just because i didn't search (explore) after ask..

But thanks for the help

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