Help configuring libreoffice with texmaker

followed this guide to install latex on libreoffice

it seemed to work initially,but now am getting the following

error for any equation
with this line highlighted
Screenshot from 2022-12-06 10-48-48
what i tried
reinstalling writer
reinstalling the extension
using an older version of the extension
realize this is more of a librewriter problem than Zorin OS so if this topic is out of scope of this forum I'll delete it


Which version of LibreOffice are you using with the TexMaths extension?

libreoffice --version

Out of curiosity, what happens if you set the 0 as a 1?

seems to render the application unresponsive

Well revert that...

My basic idea was that in math, certain calculations with Zero as an integer can give a null result.

But - I really have no idea what calculation you are running. What is your actual input file?

none, I am using texmath to insert latex equations.
In case you are unfamiliar latex is a text editing language (like markdown) to insert math equations it doesn't do any calculations.

As for

All inputs even normal letters like just "x" will give an error

Yes, I have been using Latex for years. I have never used TexMaths in Libreoffice, though. I was under the impression it can be used with LibreCalc... I think I must be wrong on that.

I see. That definitely sounds broken.
Have you tried

mv ~/.config ~/config-bk

Then completely removing and reinstalling the Libreoffice extension?
Or the extension and Libreoffice...
After reinstalling - log out and in and then test the new install of it.

Unfortunately that didn't work, and as i have to use writer urgently ,i couldn't afford to troubleshoot it any further so i used a time shift backup ,and now things seem to be working

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